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Metabolic Diseases

  Obesity is a major risk factor for metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease and cancers. The number of patients with metabolic diseases rapidly increasing and is reaching the levels of infectious diseases.

  Our lab is interested in understanding the molecular pathways that link adipose tissue biology to this staggering array of pathologies such as diabetes and metabolic diseases. These studies can be the scientific basis for developing novel anti-diabetic agents.


    Cancer is one of the most important disease in the worldwide that is considered as the highest cause of death and the mechanism that is consist of various stages in each type of tissue. Moreover, multiple proteins are identified as therapeutic targets for treatment.

  Our lab is conducting research to reveal mechanisms that induce the development of liver cancer, colon cancer, and leukemia among several tissues, and also examines mechanisms related to cell metabolism.

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신문의 스택

비알코올성 지방간 치료제 개발의 실마리 풀렸다! 



비알코올성 지방간 치료 저해 인자 규명! (2022.01)


풀리지 않던

암세포의 비밀 풀 단서 찾았다! (2021.05)


최장현 교수,

'젊은 특훈교수' 선정 (2018.09)

한국을 빛낼 30.JPG

최장현 교수,

'한국 빛낼 젊은 과학자 30인'에 선정! (2016.12)



'글리벡' 효과 규명! (2016.02)

당뇨, 안전한 치료제 개발.JPG

​당뇨, 치료제 개발 성큼 (2011.11)

잇따라 네이처.JPG

최장현 박사, ​연이은 '네이처' 논문, 쾌거! (2010.07)

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